UCI Doctors Care Case Study

UCI Doctors Care Case Study

RecordQuest brings the power of a large organization with the
attentiveness of a small business.

UCI Doctors Care is the largest urgent care company in South Carolina with more than 50 locations. When UCI initially contacted RecordQuest, they had a backlog of approximately 10,000 requests – many sitting unprocessed for months. They had recently converted to a new EHR system and paper records were still prevalent in many of their locations. Due to the extreme backlog, they were not even attempting to recover their costs by invoicing for the work they were doing. It was the “perfect storm” from an HIM Department’s perspective. Recognizing the compliance implications of a severe backlog, they knew they needed help.
UCI opted for RecordQuest’s Share ROI Service – a service model where in-house staff responds to requests utilizing RecordQuest’s software and RecordQuest handles QA and fulfillment. This service works well when the practice has strong internal controls and workflows. RecordQuest implemented its proprietary software which streamlines the ROI process by reducing manual data entry and easing the compilation and submission of records. While this helped some, after months of trying, UCI was not making enough progress. Software alone was not going to solve their workflow issues and overcome the backlog.
To address the problem, RecordQuest dedicated management and labor to assist UCI with training staff and rebuilding workflows – at no cost. After the additional training and help, tremendous progress was made. UCI was able to work their way down to a compliant 30-day turnaround. While the progress was impressive, there was still an opportunity to do more.

RecordQuest has been a tremendous partner over the years. Their leadership’s support is unmatched. They listen and truly do everything in their power to customize your experience and meet your company’s specific needs. They were able to assist us in transitioning from a paper process to an online electronic portal request platform embedded into our company’s website. Their IT has been extremely helpful anytime we have had challenges during the implementation process of the request platform as well as user issues. IT has been able to troubleshoot promptly and work with our internal IT team to conquer any issues. RecordQuest is truly flexible and able to be creative.

-Crystal Isreal, UCI Doctor’s Care, Compliance and Privacy Officer 2022

It was around this time that Crystal Isreal was hired as UCI’s Compliance/Privacy Officer. Crystal made it her mission to root out any remaining inefficiencies within UCI’s release of information workflow. She quickly identified the intake process as being too cumbersome. Taking advantage of the collaborative relationship between UCI and RecordQuest, she asked if RecordQuest would build a site where patients and third-parties could electronically upload their requests. Seeing the potential of this idea, RecordQuest’s development team shifted into high gear and built a best-in-class Request Portal in only six weeks – not just for UCI Doctors Care, but for all its clients. This web-based application guides requesters through a simple and intuitive process and pushes the resulting requests directly into RecordQuest’s main platform. After heavily promoting the Request Portal on their website and through email communications, UCI saw a patient and third-party adoption rate of 75% on average.

Our technology and understanding the dynamics of healthcare facilities, while being able to listen to our
client’s needs and solve their problems, are what make our partnerships successful

-Nigel Williams, former RecordQuest Compliance Officer

After nearly a decade of partnership, UCI Doctors Care and RecordQuest exemplify the power of cooperation and collaboration. UCI’s streamlined processes, coupled with RecordQuest’s software and services, have enabled them to process an average of 1,200 requests per month, keep turnaround times under 24 hours, and increase revenue by 24% – with only three full-time employees.

RecordQuest is an incredible partner for our organization and has been such a pleasure to work with. They are flexible, listen to our needs, and use creativity to assist us with accomplishing any task that we are attempting to achieve. We have been able to increase our paid requests by 36% annually with a 24% increase in revenue. Their revenue percentage sharing is fair and they are dedicated to maintaining compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. We look forward to maintaining a relationship with this business for many years to come.

-Crystal Isreal, UCI Doctor's Care, Compliance and Privacy Officer 2022



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