I want to:

simplify the ROI process for my staff to release records faster.

SOLUTION: Share ROI Service


Our Share ROI Service provides your healthcare organization the opportunity to remain an integral part of the ROI process while at the same time limiting external access to your EHR system. Your staff uploads requests, and we do the rest. Your organization also receives a higher percentage of fees recovered, enabling a more cost-effective operation of your medical records department.

Share ROI Service Benefits:

  • Receive a higher percentage of fees collected
  • EHR system access is limited to organizational staff only
  • Requests are reviewed and processed within 24 hours
  • Significantly reduce workload for staff members
  • Request Portal allows requesters to submit requests electronically
  • Detailed tracking throughout the process

Topics to consider:

  • Do you want third-parties and patients to request records electronically rather than fax, mail, or telephone?
  • Are there enough staff members to accommodate the volume of requests?
  • Is this a source of revenue for your organization?
  • Do you have a high turnover of employees?
  • Do you want to limit access to your patients’ records by external vendors?

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