5 Items to Consider When Trying to Find an ROI Provider

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Managing the release of information (ROI) process is an ongoing challenge in the medical industry. If you don’t have a secure and efficient process in place, it can be a burden to keep up with due to a large amount of paperwork and time-consuming administration tasks. The critical thing to remember: you don’t need to build the ROI process from scratch. Healthcare clinics and medical providers across the country face similar struggles, which is why a variety of companies offer the services needed for HIPAA compliant release of information.

The most effective solution is to choose a service provider that quickly releases patient records while maintaining HIPAA compliance guidelines. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a new partner for your healthcare organization:

1. Industry Longevity

Choosing a provider with a history of serving the industry increases the likelihood of success with your service needs. An experienced provider already has proven workflows that have been implemented for other organizations, that may apply for your needs.

Do a bit of research to learn more about your options. Read reviews and ask for references to get a feel for the reputation of the company. Then, schedule a demonstration to learn more about the services before deciding on the best way to move forward.

2. HIPAA Compliance and Security Features

One of the primary purposes of HIPAA is to maintain the confidentiality of patient data. This confidentiality is vital when performing your release of information process and patient access. It would be best if you were careful to avoid the gap between information security and patient access.

A trusted ROI provider offers protective features, such as a security risk assessment and checkpoints for HIPAA compliance. Additionally, it is best to select a provider who is proactive in maintaining relevancy to keep up with the ever-changing requirements in the medical industry.

3. User Experience: Staff and Patients

People quickly become frustrated with outdated systems and clunky software programs. So, the user experience is an important feature when evaluating ROI providers. You need to ensure that the selected solution will be user-intuitive for your staff while any public-facing features are simple and easy to navigate at the same time.

How simple is it for patients to request records when needed? How much time does your staff need to spend on releasing records while also maintaining security requirements? A robust software platform gives you a streamlined way to provide a positive experience for both staff members and patients.

4. Staff Training and Education

Installing a new service in the office is just the first step to implementing it. The new service will not perform as designed if your staff has not received the proper training on the best-use practices. Your ROI provider should have training resources so you can quickly educate your managers and employees about its use.

Additionally, support from the service provider is an important feature. Ensure you can access the information that is needed when questions come up or require guidance about specific topics.

5. Consistency and Preparing for the Future

Implementing a new service means that you are facing a learning curve in the office. Ensure that you select the correct solution to work with your office’s current processes to avoid the need to change the system again in the immediate future. If you are going to put in the effort, then it is smart to pick a proven partner flexible enough to be by your side for whatever changes might occur.

Even though change is a constant in healthcare, consistency can be critical when you have proven systems in place for your team. Prepare for the future by choosing an ROI provider that meets your immediate needs while also offering future support in case of federal or state changes.

Learn More about Managing Patient Health Information

Picking the right ROI provider is the first step to creating more efficiency and productivity in your organization. If you’d like to learn more about your options, RecordQuest is here to help. Contact our experienced team to schedule a demo.

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