Patient Record Requests: 3 Reasons Why Turnaround Times Matter

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Medical records provide invaluable information about a patient’s health, previous history, and even treatment recommendations for the future. This information is filed securely to protect the patient’s privacy, but there are times when the records need to be transferred. A compliance process for protecting and releasing a patient’s health information is the foundation of a successful healthcare system. But it can be a challenge to manage the administrative details without a proper service.

At RecordQuest, we pride ourselves in fast processing of medical record requests. This information can be transferred in as little as 24 – 48 hours, ensuring that access to information doesn’t slow the patient’s treatment timeline. Our system is designed to reduce the burden on healthcare facilities, making it simple to provide the necessary information without slow, inefficient processes.

Why Turnaround Times Matter for Patient Record Requests

Why does it matter if you offer a fast turnaround time when patients are requesting their records? Here are a few reasons why you need an efficient system for records requests:

  1. No Delays in Treatment: When a patient’s records are delayed, it can hold up the treatment process. In many health situations, time is an essential factor that can determine the overall success of the treatment. If a patient is working with multiple healthcare providers, then common information needs to be shared to ensure open communication among the team. When the requester receives a prompt transfer of information, it streamlines the plan to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. Build Patient Confidence: Delays in providing medical records can cause patients to feel frustrated with your office and staff. On the other hand, a proactive response to providing the information can build a solid relationship with your patients. As patients feel confident in your services, life-long connections are developed. Your healthcare practice will thrive when the patients and their families continue coming back for future medical services.
  3. Maintaining Compliance at All Times: When the records request is rushed, compliance details might fall between the cracks if you don’t have a good system in place. The problem is that patients and medical providers are pressuring for the information, which there can be a lag in response if compliance needs to be evaluated manually. Your practice is legally required to comply with all privacy regulations, which can be a challenge at times. The most effective solution to maintaining compliance is to have a proven software program to speed up this turnaround time. For example, RecordQuest services include a page-by-page verification process for HIPAA compliance.

Not only does an efficient system benefit both patients and healthcare providers, but the right record-keeping software is important for reducing the number of non-compliant requests. The proper records request system is beneficial for the patient, requester, and healthcare facility alike.

Simple Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

A good system for maintaining patient records requests is not only important for your healthcare facility, but it is also essential for protecting and supporting your patients. There is a fine line between maintaining HIPAA compliance while also providing fast, efficient records to requesters.

At RecordQuest, our services eliminate many of the common industry problems. Our software is designed to process records requests within a day or two. At the same time, the software is compatible with the most popular EHR systems, making it simple to sync your current data. There are also built-in tracking and reporting features providing a proven system to satisfy disclosure requirements.

The overall goal is to optimize workflow in your healthcare facility by minimizing the interruption for record requests. These innovative solutions simplify the process of reviewing, submitting, and releasing patient information. If you are looking for an improved solution to release patient records, then we invite you to schedule a demo to learn about our services.

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