Healthcare Staffing Issues? 10 Tips to Find the Right People

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Labor shortages are affecting all industries right now, and the healthcare industry is suffering because there aren’t enough people to staff hospitals and medical clinics.

As many healthcare workers feel burnout from COVID and leave their jobs, it’s critical that you are proactive in staffing your organization. You must consider recruiting new team members and retaining the people currently working in your office.

10 Tips for Healthcare Recruiting

Consider these strategies to help improve your recruiting efforts to hire individuals who are the right fit for your team:

  1. Post the Job on Large, Well-known Job Boards: Big websites like and are where people usually start when looking for a new job.
  2. Find Healthcare Job Boards: In addition to the more-recognized job boards, find niche job boards like Health eCareers or Career Vitals to find specialty candidates.
  3. Set Up an Applicant Tracking System: Don’t let suitable applicants slip through the cracks! An applicant tracking system helps to minimize the headache of recruiting. You can track the data and see where each candidate is in the hiring process.
  4. Recruit Recent Graduates: Reach out to local medical schools and programs to connect with graduates finishing their education and ready to step into the workforce. Start this process a few months before graduation so these new hires have something lined up immediately after graduating.
  5. Offer Internships and Residency Opportunities: Establish relationships with current students by providing in-house programs to meet their training and education requirements. It’s an easy transition from residency to a long-term, full-time employee.
  6. Highlight the Benefits: You need to sell the candidates why they should choose your job opportunity over many other options offered by competing healthcare clinics in the area. Strengthen your branding and share highlights of the benefits of working for your company.
  7. Filter By Credentials and Experience: In the healthcare industry, you need to ensure that the candidates are qualified to perform the job. Try sorting candidates by credentials to narrow down your options.
  8. Improve Your Benefits Package: One way to make your job description more appealing is to offer an attractive benefits package. Examples include flexible working hours, on-the-job wellness programs, retirement matching, and good healthcare coverage.
  9. Look for Certain Personality Traits: Quality matters because it improves overall retention if you find the right people. Look for personality traits that enhance the overall experience for patients and other employees. For example, hire compassionate, caring, patient, and knowledgeable people in the industry. Personality will have a more immediate impact than a teachable skill.
  10. Offer On-the-Job Training: Even if your candidates lack essential skills, you can quickly bring someone up to speed by offering on-the-job training. In addition, be proactive about providing new and long-term employee training opportunities at work.

Partnering with Industry Experts

We understand the challenges you face to keep your office fully staffed, run a business, and serve the needs of your patients at the same time. It is a lot to manage! Sometimes, the best thing you can do when there is a staff shortage (like today) is to find experienced partners to lessen the management burden. Delegating responsibilities such as finance, technology, or ROI allows organizations the flexibility to optimally operate even in the leanest of staffing times.

As a healthcare partner, our ultimate goal is to help you care for your patients. RecordQuest and many other vendors share the responsibility to provide the best healthcare services throughout the United States.

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