How to Reward Your Staff – Without Just Giving Them Money

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Keeping staff members motivated is an art – you want to promote a positive workplace culture, improve staff retention, and help people find employment satisfaction. But giving bonuses or pay increases is the default to reward employees. So while it’s nice to get extra cash, money isn’t necessarily a motivator for everyone.

Many small businesses don’t have the extra cash to offer monetary incentives. However, companies can provide a mix of cash and other employee incentives. The good news is that you don’t have to rely on bonuses to reward your employees. Instead, consider personal relationships, company culture, and individual needs when selecting staff rewards.

7 Unique Ways to Reward Your Staff

Here are a few options to consider when you are putting together a cash-alternative rewards program:

  1. Recognition: Recognizing employees for a well-done job boosts team focus and creates a culture where everyone strives to do their best. Share successes in meetings and email, asking everyone to thank the recognized employee for their outstanding work.
  2. Job Promotions: Everyone wants to feel like they are growing in their career, which is why it’s crucial to provide promotions and title changes when available. When you see that employees strive for new goals, reward them with a title that suits their role.
  3. More Responsibility: Give people opportunities to take on additional responsibilities to obtain a new job title. It might seem counterintuitive to increase an employee’s duties, but it shows that you are proactively engaged in helping them learn and grow.
  4. Paid Time Off (PTO): Everyone wants to improve their work-life balance. So, one effective reward is to offer extra days off for high-performing employees. Give them a break as a way to say “thank you” for their hard work. Make sure it’s a paid day off so they can put their feet up and enjoy the benefit of being compensated at the same time.
  5. Job Flexibility: While a regular work schedule is essential to maintain the daily activities in the office, there is a bit of room for flexibility. Work with employees to adjust their schedules as needed, with early or late start times to accommodate personal responsibilities.
  6. Personal Perks: What are small things you can do to boost employee morale? For example, treats in the breakroom, reserved parking spaces, or an upgraded chair or desk. Ask what is meaningful for employees, then find ways to incorporate these bonuses into the workday.
  7. Employee Appreciation Days: Plan special events to say “thank you,” such as a party or social. This activity can be during break time or a more social after-hours event. Ask for employee feedback in planning food and activities that everyone will enjoy.

These are just a few ideas that you can use to show employees how grateful you are for their dedication and hard work in the office. If you want even more ideas, here is another excellent resource.

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