Healthcare Technology: Keys to Success

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It’s incredible to see how the healthcare industry has changed over the years! As technology advances, we have better access to tools and systems that improve healthcare providers and their patients’ experiences.

How is your healthcare organization benefitting from technology in the office? Here are a few ways that you can leverage technology to better support your patients and staff members:

Release of Information Technology

Maintaining, reviewing, and releasing patient files can be time-consuming. Not only do you have many files to work through, but HIPAA regulations can slow down the process. Too often, offices have overdue requests that need to be sent and not enough staff members to keep up with the demand.

Instead of manually managing your information requests and releases, it’s time to invest in a streamlined workflow that leverages technology. HIPAA-compliant software can organize incoming forms and improve the accuracy and privacy for sharing patient information when requested.

Telehealth Technology

Virtual doctor consultations have been around for a while now, but we saw a massive explosion in demand when the COVID-19 pandemic started. While there are situations when patients need to meet with a doctor in-person, there are often times when virtual consultations are just as effective.

Healthcare providers are leveraging telehealth to help patients stay in contact with their doctors without visiting the office in person. This approach provides safety for everyone involved by minimizing the risk of spreading COVID-19. If someone is uncomfortable visiting the office because of the pandemic, they still have the opportunity to stay current with their healthcare needs.

Concierge Healthcare

The healthcare industry’s concierge model is changing the relationship between healthcare providers and patients. Initially, concierge healthcare was a “luxury” model with a hefty price tag. The industry then adapted and now offers patients concierge access for as cheap as $125 – $200 per month.

Concierge healthcare is a retainer-based medical service. Physicians can do away with the hassle of insurance billing, and patients have access to their doctor for minor questions and regular appointments. Technology, such as text messaging and video conferencing, allows for improved relationships between providers and patients with this model.

Electronic Health Records

The days of lost paperwork and endless filing are gone due to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) integration. These records are the digital version of each patient’s medical history. Storing information in the cloud is much more efficient and effective, helping each doctor and nurse quickly access and review the health history of every patient they meet.

Not only does EHR technology streamline the workflow for providers, but these tools also improve the quality of care for patients. Providers can make better decisions based on data access and availability, which gives patients an improved treatment plan.

Patient Monitoring Technology

When doctors can access relevant information about each patient, they are better prepared to identify the most accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Wearable technology gives medical providers insight into the ongoing data, helping them monitor patients between appointments. At the same time, patients can watch themselves and maintain communication with their providers.

For example, technology can give the doctor updates about pulse, heart rate patterns, physical activities, body temperature, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and even maternity care. These trackers are non-invasive devices that gather, process, send, and store patient information.

The Success (or Failure) of Your Healthcare Technology

Accessing the right technology is the most critical step you can take to improve your practice’s long-term success. The vendors and software providers you choose can positively impact the day-in-day-out activities in the office, creating a strong foundation for the future. When working with an experienced, reputable provider, you can have confidence knowing that this system will support your business’s needs.

At RecordQuest, we’re committed to optimizing and improving your healthcare practice. Our services provide technology solutions for maintaining HIPAA compliance while managing your ROI process. Schedule a demo to see how we can help with the submission, review, and release of Protected Health Information (PHI) in your office.

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