Positivity is Contagious in the Healthcare Industry

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Not only has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced nearly every aspect of our lives, but it’s had an immeasurable effect on the healthcare industry. Doctors, nurses, and support staff are working tirelessly to maintain medical offices’ safety while also treating people who test positive for this disease.

It might feel hard to maintain a positive outlook in these challenging circumstances. Healthcare workers are talking about the burnout they are feeling. Over time, this stress takes a toll, making it hard to get through the day. When healthcare workers feel burned out, they are less effective in helping the patients they are working with.

What can you do to foster a better work environment for your team? A few small changes in culture can have an undeniable impact to lift the spirits of everyone working in your healthcare clinic. It all starts with your attitude, which can have a domino effect to lift others around you.

Positivity is Contagious – Share it!

We talk about “slowing the spread” and using personal protective equipment to prevent exposure to COVID-19. While it’s important to be careful about exposure to this virus, other things in the workplace you want to spread – like positivity.

Even though masks are hiding our coworkers’ and patients’ smiles, there are things that each person can do to contribute to a positive environment. Fostering this team approach and optimistic outlook makes the workplace a better place. As a result, staff members have higher satisfaction levels with their jobs.

When your employees feel good, it has a ripple effect to influence patients’ experience. An uplifted attitude and positive outlook are the types of experiences you want to spread around the office. You can start by sharing your positivity and letting that contagious mood spread to everyone you contact.

How to Foster a Positive Environment

It’s easy to suggest that you need more positivity in your healthcare practice. But the application of this principle can be challenging when dealing with the stress of a workday. Here are a few tips that you can use to foster a positive mindset among team members and management, which will have a natural effect on your patients:

  • An Attitude of Gratitude: Be proactive in finding ways to say “thank you” more often. Share your gratitude with team members and coworkers, helping them know they are appreciated in their work.
  • Lead by Example: It’s easy to preach positivity, but your words don’t mean anything if you don’t practice what you are preaching. Show up in a good mood each morning and speak words of kindness and encouragement to everyone you meet. Show this positivity in your words, feelings, and actions.
  • Choose Your Team Carefully: While medical degrees and certifications matter, don’t overlook a personality’s importance when hiring new people. Bringing someone with a bad attitude into the office can harm the entire team. Instead, be proactive in finding job candidates who are positive and uplifting.
  • Ask Questions Before Assuming: Jumping to conclusions about potential issues and problems can foster an environment of frustration and resentment. Instead of making assumptions about what is happening, be mindful to ask questions. Why might that person be communicating that way? Are there any extenuating circumstances that could be influencing the interaction?
  • Celebrate the Little Wins: Look for successes and wins you can celebrate with the team. Always be aware of opportunities to celebrate when people achieve goals that lead to more significant future results.

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