How to Equally Motivate Both In-office and Remote Employees

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Are you maintaining a workplace environment that keeps employees engaged and motivated in their daily responsibilities?

Are you maintaining a workplace environment that keeps employees engaged and motivated in their daily responsibilities? Unfortunately, many employers are running into retention and employee performance issues, which affect the quality of services offered to customers and patients.

You must be proactive about boosting motivation among your workforce. This process can be tricky, but it’s worth the investment because of the long-term benefits available for your organization and the people working for you.

The truth is that employee motivation is a multifaceted, complex process. But you can implement a few proven strategies to support your employees – keeping them engaged, happy, and motivated every time they come to work. Here are a few motivation tips to help:

Make It Meaningful

It’s easier to find motivation when people see how their daily activities matter in the bigger picture. Help employees see how their contributions help with the bigger organizational goals. For example, when nurses and office support staff can see how their roles support patients, you can create a stronger team mentality and better productivity overall.

When you can help people see the greater purpose, they will feel happier and want to do their best to contribute to the overall efforts. These small efforts can make a significant impact on your work environment.

Offer Employee Recognition

People like to receive recognition for a job well-done, especially when working under stressful conditions. Therefore, build a feedback system that offers ongoing credit, especially for exemplary behaviors that deserve praise.

Recognition can be as simple as offering a verbal thank you. For example, “Thanks for following through with that confused patient. It helps when everything is so organized, and you are doing a great job at keeping up with everything.”

Or, you might offer a more formal recognition, such as a certificate and small thank you gift for an employee of the month.

Streamline In-Office Systems

How often are employees feeling hindered in their daily activities because of poor systems causing issues? Look for ways to minimize the friction and improve overall systems so your team members can thrive in their everyday work environment.

One example is investing in efficient technology systems. When these systems are easy to navigate, and employees are well-trained in using them, it minimizes the technical issues and reduces frustration.

Always Prioritize People

Don’t let systems or regulations get in the way of taking care of your people. Not only are you focusing on patient care and satisfaction, but also be sure your employees have the support and care they need along the way. When your team members receive the care and support they need, they are better prepared to offer quality services to each patient that walks into the office.

Make sure to value each employee as an individual – not just a worker. Remember that each person has a life outside of the office. Find opportunities to promote work-life balance, and your employees will have an easier time thriving in the workplace. When they know that things are handled at home and have time to dedicate to their families, it’s easier for employees to show up as their best selves at work.

Ongoing Improvements and Employee Management

Employee motivation should always be at the top of mind, so employers should never let these efforts fall to the back burner. Try out different methods and programs in your office to find the solutions that work best for the unique needs of your team. Then, be willing to assess these systems on an ongoing basis and make adjustments as needed.

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