How Technology Can Directly Impact Your Patients

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Technology has integrated into the healthcare industry to support doctors and office staff and improve the experience for patients. Combining modern healthcare services with digital solutions is revolutionizing and improving the medical sector. In addition, these technology solutions enhance communication for everyone involved, using email, telehealth, smartphones, and more.

However, a healthcare technology system is only effective when the office staff and patients understand the available digital tools. Without explaining how the technology works and how it can benefit patients, patients often get overwhelmed and point to technology as a roadblock to service.

How Technology Is Affecting the Healthcare Industry

Here are some of the unique ways technology use is changing the healthcare industry:

  • Improving Communication: Opening communication channels between healthcare providers and patients changes the overall dynamic and enhances the quality of care available for each patient. Doctors and nurses can stay in touch through text messaging, smartphones, email, and other digital forms of communication. Although still used, paper is a deprecated form of communication and provides little efficiency and timeliness.
  • Patient Education: Now that digital tools are available, doctors have new platforms to educate patients about health and wellness. Teleconferencing, social media, webinars, and videos are effective ways to share information with patients without the limitations of geographical location.
  • Better Access to Medical Information: Healthcare providers can access patient records with the click of a button. This immediate access to information is faster and more effective than the old way: digging through filing cabinets and paper records. Additionally, healthcare providers can quickly share data with other doctors and patients when medical requests are necessary.
  • Telehealth Services: Patients love the opportunity to maintain communication with their doctors from their homes. Telehealth visits make it easier to keep regular appointments without the hassle of driving to the healthcare clinic when it’s time for a checkup.
  • Patient Record Security: Since electronic health record (EHR) systems are the standard, there are higher levels of security than ever before, ensuring privacy, safety, and security for every file. This centralized storage method leverages top-notch digital filing and monitoring to support data access, medical billing, and more.
  • Patient Safety: Access to digital healthcare records can reduce the risk of medical mistakes. Safety measurements allow organizations access to logs tracking user access, files downloads, and even payment information.

There are many benefits for both healthcare providers and patients when medical providers use proper technology.

Records Requests: Technology Improvements in the Healthcare Industry

One of the most notable benefits of using technology in the medical industry is to streamline and improve the process of receiving, processing, and delivering records requests – known as Release of Information (ROI). This technology makes it simple for healthcare providers to keep up with record requests without relying on paper. Additionally, patients and third parties enjoy the simplicity in requesting and receiving information as needed.

These small changes help reduce turnaround times and minimize delays and disruptions in communication.

Keeping Your Patients Informed

If you are a healthcare provider using these technology solutions, it’s critical to explain the ins and outs of the systems with your patients. When your patients understand and engage with your digital tools, your patients will be happier and your staff less stressed.

Are you looking for better ways to use technology in your medical office? If so, talk to our team at RecordQuest to learn more about the solutions we provide. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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