Solving the Patient Form Dilemma

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Many professionals initially became involved in healthcare due to their passion for helping people and improving their health.

However, many healthcare workers did not anticipate the amount of non-healthcare (i.e., administrative) duties they would perform daily. Phone calls, folder filing, patient phone calls are just a few of the many activities taking away from patient care.

Unfortunately, these administrative tasks are unavoidable in today’s healthcare industry. But it doesn’t need to take over your day. The challenge is maintaining necessary files and documentation while prioritizing quality services for everyone who walks through the door.

When you have proficient systems in place, it’s possible to minimize the ongoing stress of administrative work. These systems eventually allow you to turn your attention to the things that matter most: relationships and quality care for your patients.

What is Patient Form Completion?

One solution to reduce administrative stress in your healthcare office is to hire a reputable provider for Patient Form Completion services. This service provides another source to complete patients’ medical forms, including:

  • FMLA
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Insurance
  • DMV
  • And More

In its simplest form: medical forms that patients and requesters need are completed by a third party (like RecordQuest), ensuring the correct physician signatures are in place before transmitting records and private health information.

Benefits of Patient Form Completion

When you understand how Patient Form Completion services work, it’s easy to see how your office will benefit from these services. Here are a few highlights showing why healthcare providers need support with form submissions, management, and completion:

  • Convenience: Electronic delivery is convenient for both the patients and providers. You can handle the requests without any in-person interactions. Patients are happy that they are not required to come into the office to sign authorizations or pick up paperwork. Although, many providers offer a combination of digital and in-office services to serve each patient’s unique needs.
  • Cost-Savings: Have you considered the amount of money you spend on payroll and wasted productivity when staff members are buried in paperwork? Admin tasks that are not directly impacting patient care are often the most costly and inefficient, resulting in increased overhead costs.
  • Revenue Source: Not only are you saving money through Patient Form Completion service but there’s also an opportunity to gain revenue. For example, some offices are choosing to charge patients for these services. It is becoming more and more common to pass the processing fees onto the patients while providing completed forms faster.
  • Payments: All payments for form processing can be handled through an integrated digital platform. You have the benefit of collecting payments securely and reliably – no more cash. Additionally, before a form is completed, payment is required reducing chasing patients for work already performed.
  • Security: The highest levels of security ensure unwavering privacy when sharing and collecting patient information. These HIPAA-compliant solutions keep patient data protected throughout the entire process.

How Much Does Patient Form Completion Cost?

One of the biggest roadblocks for healthcare providers to invest in digital systems are the anticipated costs. The good news is that you don’t have to adjust your budget to find a way to pay for expensive Patient Form Completion services. Instead of taking on another overhead cost, you can pass the fee onto each patient.

It’s a win-win scenario. Patients are pleased because of the fast turnaround time and quality services, and your staff can focus on strategic initiatives instead of busy work. Now, healthcare organizations can save both time and money while still offering quality services for their patients.

Learn more about our Form Completion

If you would like to learn more about RecordQuest’s Patient Form Completion Service or discuss your patient form concerns, schedule a demo or schedule a discovery call today.

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