Holiday Traditions to Share with Your Employees

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The holiday season is a fun time to connect with family and friends, and annual traditions can carry into the workplace. So, as you are wrapping up the last few weeks of 2021, do you have any plans to add a festive spirit to the office?

Make the season more memorable for your employees by adding fun Christmas traditions at work, bringing extra joy to strengthen working relationships between team members. Here are a few ideas to consider:

1. Holiday Gifts

Employees love getting holiday gifts from management. Even small gifts are appreciated! Decide on a budget, then find something meaningful to share as a gift. You can give the same thing to every employee, such as a coffee mug, smartwatch, or cash bonus. Or, create a game with different prizes that are handed out, with enough gifts for everyone to receive one.

2. Activities or Outings

Not every holiday celebration has to be wrapped in a bow. Instead, plan a team activity, such as an afternoon at the driving range or jigsaw puzzles in the breakroom. Even board games can be fun, such as Monopoly, Clue, Scrabble, etc.

3. Food and Treats

You can never go wrong by offering food or treats to the team! Cater a meal from a local restaurant, or plan other treats throughout the month: nacho day, sugar cookie decorating, or baskets of fruit. Holiday treats tend to be full of sugar, so be proactive about offering healthier options as well. You may also want to check with your staff for potential allergies.

4. Ugly Sweater Contest

Not only is an ugly sweater a timeless tradition during this holiday season, but it’s a popular way to make people laugh and inspire creativity. Choose a day for the ugly sweater contest and add a bit of competition by inviting everyone to vote on their favorites – with unique prizes for the winners.

5. Charity Project

People are often in a giving mindset and looking for ways to give back during this time of year. Schedule a charity project for employees and their families to participate. Ideas include an angel tree, Sub for Santa, toy drive, or canned food drive. Not only does it feel good to help the community, but your team will come closer together as they are working together.

6. White Elephant Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange is always a sure way to foster friendships and enjoy a good time. People can bring funny gifts or prank gifts. Make it a game where people can steal gifts from each other or pass their presents around the circle. Consider a pre-determined theme, such as sci-fi gifts or a specific alphabet letter where the gift has to start with that letter.

7. Office Decorations

Pull out the garland and twinkle lights to introduce holiday cheer in the office. A Christmas tree in the lobby can be a friendly, welcoming sight when people walk through the doors. Or, you might stick with non-religious decorations, such as silver or gold bows, neutral garland, and white lights.

8. Office Party

Bring the whole group together to celebrate at the annual holiday party. Whether you hold the festivities at the office or another location on a Saturday night, this gathering gives people a chance to socialize and talk about something other than work. Plan some fun games, door prizes, food, and drinks.

Happy Holidays from RecordQuest!

Our team at RecordQuest would like to wish you and your employees a happy holiday season full of joy and celebration.

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