Why the New Year is a Great Time for Change

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The first day of January always feels like a time for fresh beginnings and a new start. As 2021 comes to an end, it’s an excellent opportunity to assess your progress and results this year. You can then look at things you’d like to improve in the New Year.

Cleaning the Slate to Improve Your Organization

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities that are always happening in the office. Yes, you keep up with immediate needs to ensure your patients and employees are satisfied. And although these daily priorities are important, don’t underestimate the necessity of preparing for the future.

Too often, offices get stuck in old patterns and habits. Unfortunately, just because you have systems and practices that have been used for years doesn’t mean that these processes are still serving the highest needs for the results you desire.

The end of the year is the perfect time to reassess. What is working right now? What needs to be improved? Is there anything you can do to optimize results and productivity in the New Year?

Cleaning the slate is an essential task to help you start fresh. It’s like spring cleaning for a home:

Small Changes = Big Results

What are your priorities for 2022? Just because you have new goals doesn’t mean that you must rework the entire system. Don’t underestimate the power of small, incremental changes. These simple adjustments for healthcare organizations can profoundly improve patient care and retention.

For example, improving your scheduling system makes it easier for patients to get an appointment as needed. Then, have digitized processes to collect necessary new-patient paperwork, so it’s simple for the patient to submit necessary forms for their medical records, insurance billing, and more.

Priority in 2022: Upgrading Your ROI Process

Record requests and delivery are unavoidable aspects of working in the healthcare industry. Not only do patients have the right to request their medical records, but there are often situations when others need to see this information.

When requesters contact request records, it can often minimize the productivity of your office staff. The medical office staff has a long list of responsibilities they manage each day, and the never-ending requests can drain valuable time.

Not only do staff members need to manage the incoming request phone calls, but they also must handle verifications, record preparation, and delivery. And due to HIPAA regulations, every step of this workflow must maintain the highest levels of privacy (compliance).

Many offices need a full-time staff member to keep up with request volumes. Instead of adding another salary to your payroll, consider investing in outsourcing your ROI in 2022. This solution reduces the busy work and paperwork in the office, allowing your team members to focus on the things that matter most: patient health and satisfaction.

Where will you be putting your focus in 2022?

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