New Year’s ROI Resolution

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As 2021 gets underway, it’s time to consider your goals for the New Year. What initiatives are you planning to implement that will boost your business results this year? We saw how much the business and healthcare industries were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that we’ve made it through the intensity of this health crisis, providers need to look to the future. The beginning of a New Year is a great time to put renewed focus on the efforts that will move your business forward.

New Year’s resolutions often focus on personal goals – weight loss, habits, and other self-care initiatives. As a healthcare provider, why not set business goals as well? One of the best goals you can choose is selecting a new ROI provider. Whether you are ready to outsource records requests or you need to update your current ROI system, this effort should be on your to-do list.

6 Benefits to Working with an ROI Provider

Using the services of a trusted, compliant, and cost-effective ROI provider might be the best thing you can do to support your healthcare practice this year. Here are some of the benefits you can expect if you invest in these services in 2021:

  1. Fast Turnaround: Patients, third parties, and other healthcare providers can get frustrated when there is a long delay in records delivery. How long does it currently take you to send records after receiving the request? When your response time takes days or weeks, then it’s likely that you could be dealing with unpleasant conversations. These issues are easy to avoid by outsourcing to an ROI provider. In fact, with the right service, you can provide 24-hour turnaround times for record requests.
  2. Data Security: Your patient’s records’ privacy is a critical aspect that can slow down the records request process. Not only are you required by HIPAA to be diligent about confidentiality and security, but it’s also good service to your patients to protect their information. You must have the right procedures to safeguard information held in your office and privacy practices when sharing patient information with the requestors. A trusted ROI provider takes privacy seriously, giving you the peace of mind to know that information is protected throughout the request and delivery process.
  3. Customer Service: Not only does request processing require the steps to verify and deliver patient files, but customer service is also vital during every stage of the request process. Your in-office staff doesn’t need to spend valuable time fielding phone calls and status updates throughout the day. An ROI provider reduces the busy work in your office by offering live customer service.
  4. Office Efficiency: How much would the quality of service improve if your office staff had extra time each day? Outsourcing records requests is one of the most effective ways to improve efficiency. Reducing administrative burden in the office frees up your current staff’s time and reduces the likelihood that you will need to hire more staff for admin help in the future.
  5. Reporting: Status reports and patient file information can be streamlined using a sound reporting system. This approach is simple when you have the right software and an experienced ROI provider.
  6. Save Money: It can cost a significant amount of money to run an in-house ROI department. You’ll need specialized staff, office space, and computer systems to ensure these systems’ quality and data privacy. In many cases, outsourcing ROI is less expensive compared to managing these responsibilities internally.

These benefits are available for medical practices of all sizes, including small offices, mid-sized clinics, and large organizations. Our team at RecordQuest is here to help! If you are looking for ways to improve your ROI process, learn how our expertise and technology can integrate with your EMR software. Schedule a demo or a discovery call to talk to one of our experienced team members.

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